Project Cable Drill Rig

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The Problem

Once you leave the cities of Mexico and are in the rural areas –changes happen rapidly – water being one of those changes.  Both access and quality become scarce commodities.  Part of our ministry will be giving access, via newly drilled wells, to volumes of potable water to these remote villages located in between Puebla and Veracruz. 

CONAGUA, the federal water department of Mexico declared around 2008 that they would no longer drill wells.  This has left entire segments of society without dependable sources of water.  You will often see demonstrations organized toward the government trying to get them to solve their water problems.  The government focuses on trying to get enough water to the cities and does not have the time, resources nor interest in getting water to the remote villages.

The Solution

The cable rig is what has been recommend by multiple sources to be the tool that gets water to the isolated villages.  This rig will allow us to go down 400 feet.  It is a one-man operation, mechanically simpler and cheaper to run.  It is not as fast as rotary drilling, but it does drill a straighter hole.  It only needs one truck to tow all that is needed to the well site.

Your Participation

The new rig costs $125,000, however the company has offered us their floor model for $92,000.  To date, we have raised $48,000.  This leaves us a grand total of $44,000 to raise.  We would love to have this rig paid for in January 2024.   Once we get the money, Tom will drive up to Virginia and tow the rig back down to Puebla.  We will have to cross the border and pay duties. Prayerfully, by early 2024, we can start drilling and getting these poor folks some dependable, potable water.

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