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Learn the Essentials For Planting a Missional Church

Church planters should do everything they can to prepare themselves for the challenges and adventure of church planting! The key to preparing well is to be asking the right questions!

We help church planting leaders discover the right questions and find the answers they need in our comprehensive training course called The Essentials of Planting a Missional Church.

Through years of training and coaching church planters, we have discovered what makes a church rise and fall. It is crucial for every missional church leader to have a clear understanding of these peaks and pitfalls.

The Essentials is a compilation of practical tools and revolutionary insights that will help you enhance your ministry and set your church planting venture on course to reach your city and world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Coaching for Church Planters

You were never meant to do God’s work alone. We want to provide you with a coach who can help you achieve your maximum potential! Also, a good coach will help you foresee the obstacles, twists, and turns ahead.

Coaching is about connecting relationally with like-minded people, sharing wisdom and insight, and having someone with experience to help you solve problems!

We have a team o qualified coaches who specialize in supporting church planters and church-planting churches. We will guide you through the 3 critical phases of establishing a missional church.

  • Formation of a Missional Community
  • Infrastructure for Sustained effectiveness
  • Missional Development & Deployment

We provide extensive checklists for milestone management in each phase. Contact us for more information about missional church coaching!