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United States

usa_headerUnited States Missions

The United States was once a Christian nation.  It was built on Christian values and principles, and people generally held a Christendom mindset.  Today that is changing.

The U.S. is rapidly becoming a much more pluralistic society.  The once Christian values and mindset are being replaced with secularism and consumerism.  Add to this the increasing number of immigrants from all over the world and we have one of the most dynamic places to live and minister.

The gospel was made for a place like this!

Our NCI team understands these dynamic changes and we specialize in U.S. missiology!  We have been involved in church planting in many of the major cities of the U.S., including urban, suburban, and rural settings.  We have worked in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, St. Louis, just to name a few.  We are ready and able to serve you no matter what city or state you minister in.