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I Need a Ministry Consultant

Problem solution messageAre you looking for a church consultant?

We’re here to help.

Our ministry consultants have been helping non-profit organizations and churches solve problems for over 15 years.

NCI has assisted healthy churches to reach new heights with strategic planning services and church revitalization efforts. Even the most vibrant ministries realize that with the right help, they can grow better and reach the goals God has set for them. Maybe you’re wanting to transition your church to develop a missional mindset. Maybe you have a campaign you want to roll out to your congregation. Whatever vision God has placed within you, we’re here to help you get there.

NCI has also helped many churches solve problems. Whether you’re a new church plant with growing pains or an existing church with systemic problems, we’re here to help you find solutions. We come along side of churches and their leadership to guide them to decisions that will generate the best results in whatever issues they are facing. Whatever the case may be with your organization, NCI can help you navigate your way through the obstacles that stand in your way to accomplish what God has set before you.

We offer consulting services to churches, denominations, and other non-profit organizations to help them discover Gospel-centered solutions and results.

Here are a few key areas where we can help:

How To Become a Missional Church
How To Become a Church Planting Church
How to Create a Multiplying Small Group System
How to Create a Multiplying Leadership Development System
How to Assess Your Community & Design Strategies To Reach It
Team Building and Leadership Development
How to Make Transformational Disciples
Church Financial Problems
Church Leadership Issues
Church Pastoral Searches
Divisiveness in the Church
Strategic Planning
New Missional Initiatives


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Contact us for a free consultation:  (United States) 281-302-5686 or  Because of our broad background of experience, we can tailor our consulting to meet your needs.