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I Need Leadership Coaching

plant in handsDo you need a leadership coach?

We can help you grow.

 No matter what your ministry is, investing in your leadership skills will produce a greater return for your work than any other strategy.

Developing leaders is the key to unleashing a movement. To help you reach your greatest potential, NCI can tailor a program to meet your needs. Our systems generally focus on:

Character Development
Theological Preparation
Ministry Skill Development
Cultural Awareness


We are certified to administer a variety of instruments and use multiple tools in a session. We maintain flexibility to adapt to your requests.

Prior to starting a program with an individual or group, we will customize a relevant agenda that will meet each person where they are and then challenge them to the next level. We give you and your team a holistic knowledge base and then assist with strategic implementation so that everyone walks away with a sense of accomplishment and tangible action steps.

Glenn knows what he’s talking about. He has been involved in training and development for years, and when he speaks, I listen. He’s more than hype and models; he sees the big picture. I believe in him. -Dr. Bob Roberts, Conference Speaker and Founding Pastor of Northwood Church, Keller TX

Some ways we can help you:


Church Multiplication Development

By becoming a Church Multiplication Center, your church or ministry will have an exponentially greater impact on the world than if you focus solely on those people who walk through your doors.

Recruiting & Internship Development

NCI has a proven methodology for identifying and recruiting prospective church planters. We can do the searching for you or we can help you create a farming system to raise up your own planters!

Trainer Certification

We certify qualified trainers, assessors, and coaches and allow them to purchase and use our materials so that your church or ministry can have specialists on your staff or in your area.

Networking Development

We help you create and develop your own church planting network! We can help you connect with other networks as well!

Some of our leadership development instruments include:

The Church Planters Compentencies Profile
Myters-Briggs Type Indicator
Strength Deployment Inventory
Portrait of Personal Strengths
Firo Element B
and more!

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