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Exploring God in the New Year: 5 Questions for Church Planters to Begin With

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I’ve been fascinated recently by some research I have been doing for a ministry client. This research has significant bearing for church planters in the U.S. and around the world.

We have been trying to identify the spiritual questions that are most common among people. So far we’ve come up with about 70 questions. However, 5 questions seem to be the most common starting points for most people.

In researching these 5 questions it was interesting to note that all 5 of these have been trending up on Google Trends for the past 2-3 years. I hope you will encourage your friends to “explore God” in 2011! Here are 5 questions that will make a good starting point.
  1. What is Truth? There is a huge debate about absolute truth vs. relativism. Our culture embraces “tolerance” which typically means, “there is no absolute truth.” But is there any absolute truth? And if there is, can you know it?
  2. Is There a God? This takes us back to the origin of man and the universe. Where did it all come from? And if there is a God, where is this all heading?
  3. What is My Relationship with God? If a person concludes that truly there is a God, then this is the next logical question! There is increasing interest in knowing how to have a meaningful relationship with God.
  4. What is My Purpose in Life? If there is an almighty, creator God, and if He wants a relationship with me, that leads me to the question “Why?” Why would this almighty God want a relationship with me? What’s the purpose of this relationship & of my life?
  5. What Happens When I Die? As people face the threats and the fears of our day, they come to terms with their mortality. As we come to terms with our mortality, this is the big question!
Church Planters, as well as all Christians, should be looking for opportunities to have conversations around these questions. We need to know what we believe about them and why we believe it. I hope you will accept the challenge to explore God in 2011 and begin conversations around these 5 questions! Let me know what you think!
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Angelo is the Associate Pastor of Creekside Community Church, a multi-ethnic church plant in the Houston, TX area. He also is the Marketing Director for The Growth Coach Houston, a business coaching firm and New Church Initiatives, a missional church planting organization.

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