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Convergence Event in Puebla, Mexico

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Tom Basile, our NCI Team Leader in Puebla, Mexico, recently hosted a powerful event uniting multiple ministries. He called this event “Convergence.” Enjoy the video.

Confluencia 2011 – ENGLISH from Rebecca Vanderwerf on Vimeo.

Tom reports:

“The BAM Center (business as missions) or Centro BAM sits on 1.1 acre of property in the center of the thriving metropolitan city of Puebla – the fastest growing and safest city in Mexico. It boosts the same low percentage of homicides equivalent to that of Vermont and Wisconsin. In the BAM Center (Phase 1) there are a host of different ministries who are committed to ministry resources and who pay rent for both office and storage space. These ministries range from New Church Initiatives (specializing in Church Planting) drilling wells and providing clean water (Living Water International), Puppet Praise, Community In Acts (pre-evangelistic activities), Beck Vanderwerf Audio/Visual Technologies, Ultra Modern Dentistry, Campus Crusade Jesus Film Project and the list goes on. I am happy to report that phase 1 is up and running.

Phase 2 will involve the build out of a medical facility whose purpose will be to first provide healthcare, secondly jobs and finally resources that will finance the above ministries. Using the venue of ministering physically to gain the opportunity to minister spiritually is our MO. We ask that you would prayerfully consider participating in Phase 2 as a donor who would be willing to adopt a project. All donations will go through NCI in Houston. Thank you for your willingness to be part of this BAM endeavor.”
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Are You Fighting the Good Fight?

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This past weekend I went on a retreat with 40 other men from our church. We had a lot of fun – shot guns, played Texas Holdem, etc. But we also read through 2 Timothy and talked about what it meant to “fight the good fight of faith.”

We must teach our men to be fighters! It probably should be natural right? It’s not. To read my reflections on “fighting” see my blog post for business professionals at God Is My Coach.
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Join Me at The Verge Conference

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I hope you will join me at the Verge Conference in Austin, TX on February 4-6. If you have a heart and passion for starting missional communities, this is a “must attend” event! Presenters will include:

Francis Chan
Alan Hirsch
Hugh Halter
Dave Ferguson
George Patterson
Matt Carter
Dave Gibbons
Neil Cole
David Garrison… and more!

For more information click here! See you there!
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The Essentials for Starting a Missional Church – December 11th

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Our NEW seminar “The Essentials for Starting a Missional Church – 2010” is less than 2 weeks away. This will be a one-day intensive training for church planters, prospective church planters, and church planting teams. The date is Friday, December 11th! The location is Crossbridge Church, 1049 Eldridge Rd, Sugar Land, TX.

This seminar is built on over 20 years of church planting research and experience. In this power-packed day you will learn about the most critical issues that every church planting leader should be thinking about TODAY as they start a new church.

For more information and to register click here and go to our New Church Initiatives Website. Our call our office at 281-635-3086.
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The 4 Essentials for Starting a Missional Church

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As we train church planting leaders we talk about the 4 essentials for starting a missional church. Here are those 4 essentials:
  1. Church Planters Must Have a Story. There should be a clear and compelling reason for what you are doing. This reason can be seen in how God has led you and worked in your life and circumstances up to this point. That’s your story! You should be able to capture it and share it in a way that not only makes sense to others, but gives them confidence that this is truly what God has called you to do! By writing and refining your story you gain clarity of calling, clarity of mission, and clarity of values.
  2. Church Planters Must Have a Vision. There is so much confusion surrounding this concept of vision. Let me encourage you to “de-mystify” this. Yes there is certainly a divine component to vision, but really it is not that difficult. You simply want to get a clear picture of a preferred future in your mind. You want to clarify a picture of a specific church, in a specific community, impacting that community in a specific way. Gaining clarity does take some work, but you must do it in order to inspire others with a dream and direction that they will give their lives to.
  3. Church Planters Must Have a Plan. Unfortunately many planters are very undisciplined. They do not take the time and discipline to think, to write, to refine, and to schedule. We train planters in a simple form of project planning that requires them to be detailed and specific. This is just good stewardship. Yes, plans always change some in the process of implementation. But wise planters are always refining and managing their plan. Good plans include mobilizing intercessory prayer, evangelism & people gathering strategies, and resource gathering strategies, just to name a few.
  4. Church Planters Must Have Milestones. How do you know that you’re on track? How do you know that you’re really making progress? How do you know when to celebrate? Every big venture requires small wins. These are the milestones. They also serve as the metrics for measuring your success. Ed Stetzer’s research suggests that many (if not most) planters have unrealistic expectations when beginning. This leads to discouragement for themselves and their teams. Milestones enable you to measure your progress and stay on track.

We are currently re-designing our entire training system for church planters. We hope to have this available soon. For more information on future “Essentials” seminars or church planter coaching email us at

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