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NCI equips leaders to plant missional churches.



We believe “missional” describes churches and leaders who think and behave like missionaries. While the message of the Gospel never changes, methods and structures must change as culture changes. In the same way a missionary adapts his strategy for a given context, a missional leader will do the same. These leaders have seen the shift in Western culture and have adapted in order to most effectively communicate the timeless truths of the Gospel.

We’ve identified 5 distinctions between missional church planting and traditional church planting.


Missional Church Planting
Traditional Church Planting
We GoThey Come
Empowering EveryoneEmpowering Paid-Staff
Community EngagementChurch Programming
Outside RelationshipsInside Events



At NCI, we are dedicated to adapting so more people can have the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel. We have 3 distinctives that  differentiate us from other organizations:

An Experienced Team

NCI is a team of practitioners who bring many years of experience from a broad cultural background.  We know what works and what doesn’t work.  We are also lifelong learners.  Our team is making new discoveries every month as we work with a wide cross section of ministries in the U.S. and around the world.

A Missiological Perspective

NCI is a team of missiologists who understand people groups and how to reach them.  We do not impose a model or strategy, but offer a proven process for understanding and touching the people you are trying to reach.

A Theological Foundation

NCI is an organization that is rooted in a Biblical understanding of the church and its mission.  We help our clients think carefully about their ecclesiology so that we do not reproduce ineffective models of ministry.  We seek to understand the role and function of the church in God’s larger story.  This enables us to work with multiple denominations and evangelicals from diverse theological traditions.

IS NCI THE RIGHT RESOURCE FOR YOU? Because of the type of work we do, we only work with a select group of missional leaders.  To qualify as an NCI client you must be an individual or organization that:

  • Wants to impact the world through the power of the Gospel
  • Wants to think missiologically and measure success by how we make disciples
  • Wants to abandon themselves for the cause of Christ
  • Does not want to re-create the wheel, but desires to use their creative energies to  better reach unreached cultures and people – is willing to THINK instead of copy models

Call or email us for a free consultation:  (United States) 832-886-2767 or NCI is a U.S. based, non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.  All donations and fees go to advance the research and work of this ministry.

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